Creativity Meets Innovation

University of Applied Management, Steinheilstrasse 4, 85737 Ismaning, Germany // 29th July, 2017

International conference launching the “Institute for Creativity and Innovation (ICI)”

The Institute

Traditionally, creativity and innovation are examined separately in terms of research and practical endeavors, even though they are indispensable from each other. Contrary to this traditional approach, the Institute for Creativity and Innovation (ICI) seeks to reunite creativity and innovation combining knowledge and studies about creativity and innovation from different disciplines and across cultures. Through the interdisciplinary and intercultural approach, the ICI strives to promote a holistic understanding of the antecedents, development and management of creativity and innovation at both individual and organizational levels.
The current areas of expertise of the ICI include: Culture & Creativity, Creativity & Innovation across Domains, Creativity & Innovation in Education, Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship.

The Conference
“Creativity Meets Innovation: Dialogues across Domains” combines three events together to mark the launch of the ICI:

  1. An international conference which brings researchers, practitioners, students and professors from the fields of psychology, education, business and engineering to exchange ideas and experiences about the study and practice of creativity and innovation
  2. A get-together of the authors of the Handbook of the Management of Creativity and Innovation: Theory and Practice (
  3. A get-together of the alumni of the creativity summer schools, such as ACAD Summer School ( and the EMCI Intensive Program (


Post-Conference Summary

Thanks to all who participated, especially our keynote speakers and special guests. The conference and launch of our institute was a great success… thanks to you! We look forward to collaborating with you in the future on exciting topics in creativity and innovation research. Please stay in touch.

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For questions, please contact:; Tel.: +49 89 999 7967 60


Keynote speakers Prof. Dr. Giovanni E. Corazza (Italy)
Founder and Director, Marconi Institute for Creativity, University of Bologna, Italy

Prof. Dr. Franz Huber (Austria)

Professor, Institute for Innovation Management, Private University Castle Seeburg, Austria

Dr. Vlad P. Glaveanu (Denmark)

Associate Professor, Department of Communication and Psychology, Aalborg University, Denmark

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elmar Wagner (Germany)

Professor in Electronic Engineering, University of Augsburg, Germany; Chief Judge, iENA-International Invention Exhibition
Invited guests Dr. Francisco Pavón, Professor in Didactics and School Organization, University of Cadiz, Spain

Prof. Dr. Joaquín Moreno, Professor in Electronic Technology, University of Cadiz, Spain

Prof. Dr. Detlef Urhahne, Professor in Educational Psychology and Former Director, Center of Key Competencies, University of Passau, Germany

Prof. Dr. Matthias Spörrle, Professor, Institute for Innovation Management, Private University Castle Seeburg, Austria participation confirmed

Dr. Thomas Hüttl, Head of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Systems, MTU Aero Engines, Munich, Germany

Dr. Stefan Lipowsky, Senior Manager, it-economics, Munich, Germany

Dr. Alona Mon, Lecturer, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Kyiv, Ukraine

Ms. Roya Klinger, Founder & Director, the Global Center for Gifted and Talented Children

Alumni of the creativity summer schools organized by UAM Authors of the Handbook of the Management of Creativity and Innovation Participants of the Master course “Psychology of Creativity and Innovation” Colleagues of UAM & IUNWorld from all departments


Morning (09:00 – 12:00): Conference Keynotes
09:00     Introduction of the guests and program (Prof. Dr. Min Tang)
09:10     Welcome speech from UAM (Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Werner)
09:30     Keynote 1: Prof. Dr. Giovanni E. Corazza “New approaches to creativity and innovation – the dynamic definition of creativity”
10:00     Keynote 2: Dr. Vlad Glaveanu “Distributed creativity – when creativity and innovation merge”
Coffee break
10:50     Keynote 3: Prof. Dr. Franz Huber “On managing innovation in the sharing economy”
11:20      Keynote 4: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elmar Wagner “Engineering PLUS”
11:50      Summary
12:00 – 13:30: Lunch together
Afternoon (13:30 – 16:00): Think Tank Talk
13:00     Introduction to the Institute for Creativity & Innovation (Prof. Dr. Min Tang)
13:30     Student Presentations (Markus Moser, Lars Sielaff, Stella Ienna & Bastian Marcos, Elena Tangocci)
15:00     Think Tank Talk “Future of the C&I Research: Trends & Challenges”
Coffee break
Afternoon (16:15 – 18:00): Get-together Meetings (parallel sessions)
Meeting 1
Managing Creativity and Innovation (authors of the Handbook of the Management of Creativity and Innovation: Theory and Practice)
Meeting 2
Life after the creativity summer school and future cooperation possibilities (ACAD and EMCI Alumni)
Evening (18:00 – 20:00): Biergartening (optional)

For questions, please contact:; Tel.: +49 89 999 7967 60