Cooperation Partners

Cooperation Partners




The Quality of Life Laboratory [QLL] makes workplaces great places to work by aligning and strengthening companies’ human capital strategies, missions, and value propositions. At the employee level, QLL applies its research on creativity, teamwork, and mentoring to enhance employee productivity by increasing engagement, flow, workplace creativity, diversity, and on-the-job growth. The principal investigator, Dr. Orin Davis, earned the first doctorate in positive psychology and is a self-actualization engineer who enables people to do and be their best. [More…]



The Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation [WCCI] at Webster University Geneva is a multidisciplinary center dedicated to the scientific study of creativity and innovation and its applications to business, education, art and design, technology and society. Situated at the forefront of research within creativity, innovation, and connected fields, the WCCI collaborates with a wide network of European and international centers, institutes and organizations both inside and outside of academia. Its aim is to advance our understanding of creative processes, teach the management of innovation, and offer a space for companies and organizations to meet and have the facilitation required to foster change and development processes.The WCCI is directed by Vlad Glaveanu, Head of Psychology and Counselling at Webster University Geneva. [More…]


Please contact us if you are interested in cooperating with us. We are open to new partners, projects, programs and possibilities.

Prof. Dr. Min Tang (Director, Institute for Creativity & Innovation)

Prof. Dr. Joel Schmidt (Department, Creativity & Innovation in Education)