Institute for Creativity and Innovation


The modern world is in a phase of transformation where the assets of creativity and innovation are driving forces of personal and societal development. Individuals who have a global perspective and can unleash their creative potential will win their competitive edge in the labor market. Companies who can effectively manage their creative minds and innovation system will thrive in the changing marketplace, whereas the less creative competitors will eventually fail and disappear.

Traditionally, creativity and innovation are often examined separately in terms of research and practical endeavors, even though they are indispensable from each other. Contrary to this traditional approach, the ICI strives to reunite creativity and innovation, combining knowledge and studies about creativity and innovation in order to promote a holistic understanding of the antecedents, development and management of creativity and innovation at both individual and organizational levels.

To achieve these goals, the ICI takes an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach, integrating perspectives and experiences of both academics and practitioners from different disciplines and across cultures.

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