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Institute for Creativity and Innovation

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    About ICI

    ICI boldly reunites creativity and innovation, combining knowledge and studies about creativity and innovation in order to promote a holistic understanding of the antecedents, development and management of creativity and innovation at both individual and organizational levels.

    The approach at ICI is interdisciplinary and intercultural approach, integrating perspectives and experiences of both academics and practitioners from different disciplines and across cultures.

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  • Learning

    The interdisciplinary approach of the Institute for Creativity and Innovation is carried over into the special educational programs offered by the institute. Being able to function creatively or to take innovative action requires special knowledge, understanding and skills, and above all flexibility to think across and outside boundaries.
    The ICI is dedicated to supporting the development of creative and innovative potential through academic programs, as well as professional continuing education programs.

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  • Research

    ICI engages in empirical research examining factors influencing creativity and innovation using quantitative and qualitative methods in an interdisciplinary approach. With an extensive partnership network, ICI extends its sphere of investigation not just across boundaries of scientific domains and fields, but also across cultures. Research on creativity and innovation in cross-cultural or comparative studies is crucial for extending the fields of study.

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    With the unprecedented, fast growth of modern technology, traditional routine and noncreative work will soon be replaced by machines in the anticipated future. The new age calls for creative talents. Instead of leaving the creative talents to appear by chance alone, teachers, engineers, managers, and leaders of different professions should and can learn about how to purposefully identify, foster, protect, and manage creative talents.

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