Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship

The area of innovation management and entrepreneurship explores the many facets of effective management of innovation, including change, risk and diversity management. It also examines creative leadership and entrepreneurship.

Change management and innovation

  • Technological and non-technological innovation
  • Product and process innovation
  • Coping strategies and innovation

Risk management and innovation

  • Risk analysis, evaluation and management
  • Ambiguity tolerance, risk-taking and innovation
  • Enterprise resource planning and innovation

Diversity, creativity, and innovation

  • Cultural diversity, creativity, and innovation
  • Functional diversity, creativity, and innovation
  • Diversity, conflict, communication and innovation

Creative leadership

  • Leader behavior and innovation
  • Emotional intelligence and innovation
  • Resilience and innovation

Entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Managing start-up ventures
  • Marketing innovative products and services
  • Strategic thinking and controlling
  • Social entrepreneurship
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