Culture and Creativity

The area of culture and creativity explores a wide range of topics relating to the impact, relationship and effects of culture on creativity, including implicit theories of creativity, creative expressions, evaluation and thinking.

Implicit theories of creativity across cultures

  • Creativity and intelligence
  • Creativity and knowledge
  • Gender issues in creativity
  • Developmental issues in creativity
  • Relevance and importance of creativity
  • Creative mindset

Culture and creative expressions

  • Zeitgeist and creative expressions
  • Creative expressions in verbal and figural forms
  • Creative achievements in different domains

Culture and creative evaluation

  • Criteria of creativity in different cultures
  • Expert vs. non-expert evaluation of creativity
  • Subjective vs. objective assessment of creativity

Culture, thinking, and creativity

  • Cultural orientations and creativity
  • Thinking styles and creativity
  • Cultural attributes of creative thinking
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